1996-2013 BT7P1 Speaker Upgrade

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10.00 LBS
1996-2013 BT7P1 Speaker Upgrade

Assembled at Biketronics Factory! We designed these speakers from scratch to be the largest, best sounding speaker that will fit in your fairing!  Natural clear sound at amazing volume levels and capable of handling BIG power!

Fitment Guide

  • BT7P1: For ElectraGlide/StreetGlide fairing 1996-2013
  • BT7P1RG: For RoadGlide fairing 1998 to 2013 - See note for pre-2006* and 2012-2013 RoadGlide CVO**

Product Description

  • 7.1" Speakers are the ultimate speaker upgrade - 83% over stock Harley speakers!
  • No modifications required - bolt in, plug-in and go!
  • Free-flow grill design ensures maximum sound transfer (RG kit uses stock grill)
  • Includes high quality glass-reinforced nylon speaker adapters & stainless steel mounting hardware
  • Paper cone type - known for superior sonic characteristics
  • Natural sounding upper-end due to high-quality silk-dome tweeter
  • 120 watts RMS / 240 watts peak
  • 94 dB at 1 watt efficiency
  • 49-22khz
  • 4 ohm - works with any radio/amp rated for 2-4 ohm loads.
  • Water-resistant cone treatment provides years of solid service on the bike.
  • Limited Lifetime warranty
* Pre-2006 RoadGlides must be updated to newer style grill assembly, parts available for purchase through most local Harley dealerships, PN: 77021-98B and 77022-98B.  If you have trouble locating these parts feel free to call Biketronics at 1-800-735-2419 for assistance.
** Titan II 7.1" upgrade will not fit 2012 - 2013 Roadglide CVO without using HD P/N 77021-98B and 77022-98B grills.



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    Crystal Clean!!

    Posted by James Granholm on 24th Jun 2016

    All I can say is Holy S___!! these are clean sounding speakers. Even when drive them off the head unit without any amp..And the install is about as idiot proof as you can get. Great job guys!!

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    Titan 7.1

    Posted by Jeff on 1st Jul 2015

    I installed these speakers in my 2012 police electraglide. Speakers are clear and loud, with no distortion. Paired with the BT2180 amp I can hear my music at highway speeds. I gave the amp 4 stars because I have nothing to compare it to, but for my first sound system on a motorcycle, I am completely happy. Friendly people, great customer service, and an incredible product, what more could you ask for.

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    Best Audio Upgrade Yet !

    Posted by Joe on 10th Sep 2014

    I decided to replace my existing 6.5" Titan II speakers with the 7.1". As with all Biketronics products...installation, fit and finish are a snap. They sound great with the stock HK head unit and 300 watt amp. Next up is a Sony head unit...thanks Biketronics for another great product !

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    Amazing clarity!

    Posted by Fenny from NE Wisconsin on 2nd Aug 2013

    I replaced a stock size pair of J** speakers in my Ultra fairing with these - installation was a snap! These blow the old ones away! The J**s would get so distorted when I turned the volume up just enough to hear that I couldn't tell what song was even playing most of the time. After installing these I can turn them up all the way without a crackle. I don't even bother hooking up my rear speakers when I install the tourpak anymore - my wife can actually hear them better than the rear pods. All this with the stock head unit and NO amp (for now anyway)! Planning on adding a BT amp and saddle bag lid speakers down the road... Thanks to Biketronics for a great quality product!

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    This may be a new product but certainly not short on performance

    Posted by UltraNutZ on 16th Apr 2013

    I've now installed a couple of pair of these with different amp configurations and on different bikes and all I can say is "Holy Long John Silver, Batman!" Very efficient speaker with plenty of headroom and low-end and can handle lots of power very effectively. The ring adapters were perfect AND LABELED for fool-proof installation, the screws perfect, the kit well put together. I expect nothing less from Mike and his crew at Biketronics and they always seem to step up to the plate and hit a homer. Another top notch product in my book.