2015 and Up Road Glide Amp & Speaker Package

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2015 and Up Road Glide Amp & Speaker Package

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When you choose the 2015 and Up Road Glide Hertz Pro Speaker Kit  the price listed is with $100 off the list price of the amplifier and the speaker kit 

Lifetime warranty on Biketronics Amplifier in this package!    

Combines the amazing power and clarity of our amplifier with front speakers. Completely plug 'n' play system for 2015+ Road Glides! 


What’s the difference between the BT2180.14 and the BT4180.14?

The main difference between these amplifiers is the number of speakers they can run, and the ability to fade sound between speakers.

(Explanation of fade: You might have experience fading sound between your car speakers. If your rear passengers wanted to listen to a song, but you wanted the music to be quiet in the front of the car, you sometimes have the ability to turn the volume down on the front speakers while simultaneously turning the volume up on the rear speakers. This is fading the music between the front and rear speakers.)

The BT2180.14 is a 2-channel amplifier and it can power four 4-ohm speakers wired in parallel. You will not be able to fade sound between the speakers. 

See specifications on the BT2180.14

The BT4180.14 is a 4-channel amplifier and it can power eight 4-ohm speakers. You will also be able to fade the sound between the speakers.

See specifications on the BT4180.14



See specifications on the HAT RG 6.5" Rushmore Speaker Kit

See specifications on the 2015 and Up Road Glide Hertz Pro Speaker Kit 


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    Excellent Product. Highly recommended.

    Posted by Larry Thomas on 5th May 2016

    Excellent product. Sound great. More volume, cleaner sounding. Grills look great.

    Excellent customer service. I ordered online with three day shipping. Via email BT said it could be two or three days before they could ship, and would refund if I wanted. I still wanted the three day shipping . They were able to get it shipped the following day.

    Highly recommend.

    Feed back for install. I recommend having a H-D repair manual. BT institutions are sufficient but not extremely detailed.

    2015 H-D FLTRX Road Glide

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    Very nice upgrade!

    Posted by Steve G. on 12th Mar 2016

    I thought the factory stereo on my 15 RG wasn't too bad, until I heard what an upgraded system can do. Unwilling to spend an arm and a leg for other companies upgrades, I started to do my research and ended up on the Biketronics site. Comparing the Titan amp and speakers with other "bigger name" companies, the specs are right on par. The selling point for me is all the parts are covered under warranty and customer service. Install on the newer RG isn't too bad, the fairing pops right off and there's plenty of room to hide all the wiring. Using the stock speakers I had my bass settings down to a 3 and my treble towards the middle. I tested the new system with a hiphop track with some good bass and with volume about 1/2 way, was able to turn the bass up to about half also, and didn't touch the treble settings. The sound is deep and clear and I'm very happy with it! Will you win competitions with this?...no. Will this be a good upgrade instead of the Harley BOOM speakers? yes!!