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Radios and RetroRadio™ Kits  

Why should I switch to an aftermarket radio?

In order to make vehicles more affordable, manufacturers look for ways to save money on parts and the audio system is often where they make the budget cut. When you upgrade to an aftermarket radio, you’ll find the sound is immediately clearer and louder than the stock radio because of superior D/A converters and digital equalizers. You may also have many additional features with an aftermarket radio, such as Bluetooth streaming and satellite radio.

Note: If you own an Ultra, you should be aware that the CB and intercom are functions of the stock radio and you will no longer have them if you upgrade to an aftermarket radio.

Will my handlebar controls and automatic volume control work?

Yes! Using a Biketronics RetroRadio™ install kit will let you use your factory controls with your upgraded radio, and your Automatic Volume Control (AVC) will continue to function. This is a Biketronics exclusive! 

Why aren’t there more radio choices on this website?

Because you have so many options! Our RetroRadio™ Kits are compatible with most single-din radios that have steering wheel remote input from the 7 brands listed below. If you have a BT1000 or BT1002 please give a call before changing your radio. 

Alpine, Clarion, Dual, JVC, Kenwood, Pioneer, Sony

Do I need a marine grade radio?

We have installed thousands of non-marine radios without issue; our complete packages come with a splashcover to use when washing the bike or leaving it outside in the rain. Marine grade radios may be beneficial for daylight viewing and if you live in an especially humid/salt air location.

How does the RetroRadio™ system work?

Our RetroRadio™ control module plugs directly into your factory radio connectors. It then sends power, audio, and control signals to and from the aftermarket radio. The kit also includes everything needed to mount an aftermarket radio in your Harley™ fairing.

How hard is it to install?  Can I do it myself?

If you can remove your fairing - you can install our kits. The radio installs from the front of the inner fairing on pre-1996 bikes and the rear on 1996 and later and does not require modification to the factory mounting setup. If equipped with the integrated rear factory amp and volume control Ultra models will require new wires installed for the rear speakers.

Will I have to cut or fabricate anything to install your kit?

No, if you feel the need to start cutting please call or email us. 

What about Police and Standard bikes?

Our kits will plug in to a Standard, but you might have to dig a little for the factory speaker wires. They are installed, but they may be tucked into the speaker area.

On a Police bike, there is no radio connector to plug into so you will need to tap into a wire under the fairing, or run one fused wire to the battery for the constant 12v source.

You might also have to loosen the radio brackets and adjust them if the bike has never had a radio installed.  This is very easy to do with an Allen wrench.

Will my factory CB, weather band, and/or intercom work?

Unfortunately these devices are integrated into the stock radio. At this time we do not have a way to retain them when using an aftermarket radio.

I have an older bike. Do you have a handlebar control kit for my bike?

We have a solution for 1988-1993 bikes that involves some wiring skill. It involves updating your bike's wiring to the 1994-1995 connections. For more information, click here.

We currently have no solutions for bikes built before 1988.


I have a CVO - why do I need to call before ordering?

CVO bikes are truly custom made. Sometimes, even the information in the manual is not accurate when it comes to wiring. We make custom harnesses to fit CVO bikes, but in order to do that, we need to know specific information about your bike. We may request from you pictures of your speaker connectors so that we can provide you with the correct parts.



What’s the difference between the BT7P1 speakers and the BT7P1 Pro?

The Pro’s are our top of the line speakers, built with even higher quality materials and construction than the BT7P1. If you had a high speed camera pointed at a speaker, you could see that all speakers physically distort when pushed to their max volume, causing sound distortion. The high quality construction of the Pro’s prevents this. These speakers are extremely effective at high volumes, handling 20% more volume than the BT7P1. They have more power handling capability, so they are best used with an aftermarket radio and amplifier that can supply that power. Both speaker types have open, clean and natural sound because of their paper cones.



 Can I bridge your amplifier?

No, our amplifiers are not bridgeable.

Why aren't there any dials on the amplifier?

Since they are installed in the fairing we felt it would be great if they did not need constant (or any!) tweaking to get the best sound.  As such we spent a great deal of time designing the input stage of our amps to accept a wide range of signal levels and still achieve full rated power with minimal distortion.


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