FLHTC Classic or FLHX StreetGlide Package 1998-2013

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14.00 LBS
FLHTC Classic or FLHX StreetGlide Package 1998-2013


Save $100 - $150 when you add an amp!


Aftermarket Car Stereo Package Aquativ AV Package

Base package includes: 

  • RetroRadio Kit (lifetime warranty, allows OEM handlebar controls to function)
  • Aftermarket Radio (1 - 3 year warranty)
  • BT7P1 Speakers (Ltd. Lifetime Warranty)
  • Non-amplified In-fairing antenna
  • Free Splashcover!

Base package includes: 

  • Aquatic AV water-rated headunit with built in handlebar controls
  • BT7P1 Speakers (Ltd. Lifetime Warranty)


Note - factory CB, intercom/headset speakers, and rear volume control functions are integrated into the stock radio and cannot be retained when adding an aftermarket radio.  Depending on bike configuration it may be necessary to install new rear speaker wires.  Ultra and CVO models please call for fitment.




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    Plug and Play

    Posted by Edward on 1st Jun 2020

    Was easy to install ,Took me 6hrs,But I took my time and did a great job.Great sound !

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    Installed for a customer. Ya, he's happy.

    Posted by John S on 18th Apr 2020

    Can't say enough about these products. Made in USA and lifetime warranty on top of that way these systems perform. Ya. Its a winning combination. My bike has it, just installed this one and have a customer doing a custom order for her trike. Even the parts guys at my dealership are pushing these over the Harley Boom. Can't go wrong.

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    Awesome unit

    Posted by Rick J Kent on 23rd Mar 2018

    Great products, all plug and play and i love all the colors to choose from on the Sony stereo. Glad i upgraded to the 7.1 speakers.

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    Absolutely Rocking!

    Posted by Richard on 6th Jul 2017

    The kit is fantastic and totally worth the price! I got the Kenwood KMM-BT518HD, plus 7.1 Titan II's, and the BT4180 amp for my '08 Street Glide. When riding on the interstate I wear EarPeace HD's, and with the volume around 25, I can hear the music perfectly and there's almost no wind or road noise. I'm going to pick up a second set of speakers, and probably put them in the lower fairings. Can't wait to hear how the amp pushes to 4 speakers.

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    Upgrade Now

    Posted by Donald Pyatt on 23rd Apr 2017

    Great upgrade over stock. Easy installation.Superior Sound quality over stock radio

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    Great Sounding System!!!!

    Posted by Robert on 15th Jun 2014

    I bought the Complete Audio Package and upgraded to the Kenwood BT558 and also upgraded the speakers with the 7.1 with the 2180 amp. The sound is awesome for a 2 speaker setup. I installed it in my 2005 Electra Glide Standard and it completely out performs my previous amp and speakers, I had the Rockford 300x2 with Kicker 5 1/4 speakers, no comparison at all. I plan on adding the speaker lids over the winter.

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    Great Radio System!

    Posted by Tim P. on 9th Oct 2012

    I am very pleased with this complete radio kit for my Electra Glide Classic. The instructions and installation were very easy. Took me about 1 1/2 hours from start to finish. It has a nice clean look and the radio looks cool all lit up. I mostly use the radio, CD player, and the USB hookup for my IPhone and they all work great. Night and day difference from the old stock radio and speakers. If you like listen to good sounding tunes while you are riding, I highly recommend this setup.

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    I was skeptical

    Posted by Crockett,the storm chasin carny lineman headin to hurricane isaac on 26th Aug 2012

    I bought a light wreck street glide,factory radio was dead.trying to keep the cost down,and hearing alot of scary things about the factory radio track record,i opted to try biketronics.I didnt want to mess with the factory wiring,cutting wires etc.Donna assured me there would be no issues,talked me into upgrading to the gt660up radio $20 more for a bigger display face and hooked me up with a upgraded speaker kit.The fairing was still off from the rebuild,took about 1 hour to complete,was truely a plug and play,looks great sounds great all the handcontrols work fine,havent had it on the road yet to check the volume on the road,but very happy with this radio/cd pack,thanks donna,never swore at you once !!!!! ...thats good cming from me

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    Very happy!

    Posted by Unknown on 15th Aug 2012

    I purchased the MS60 Marine Ipod package for my 2012 street glide, I opted for the Titan 11 speaker upgrade. In short, I am very pleased.

    After installing, I plugged my ipod classic into the hidden tray that holds it safely behind the detachable face plate. It played beautifully, I like how it displayed the song info on the unit. I took it for a spin and noticed that the volume went up as I sped up as it should. I came back after being very wowed by the very loud and clear sound of the player. I turned off my bike and the radio beeped a few times alerting me on the screen that I had left my Ipod in the unit tray. Way cool!

    For those who are not technically inclined, you can do this, I am horrible at these things and I did it. Before tonight I hadn't even taken my seat off my bike before, I knew nothing about how to do this. I was so amazed when I put my bike back together and the player and speakers worked perfectly, I didn't have faith in myself haha. It took me almost four hours but that was because I did not have all the right tools and my neighbor kept coming over to check out my bike and progress and talked for a while. The thing that took me the longest was removing the stock unit, it is held onto the brackets by four allen screws, two on each side. All I had was a regular L shapped allen wrench and there was baaaarley room to reach up into the bracket and undo the screws, it took forever as I slowly cranked a quarter turn at a time. This could be avoided with a better tool option. All in all it was rather easy though, everything is plug and play, no soldering, no splicing, just zip tying up the loose wires once I was done.

    Very happy I made this purchase, if you are on the fence, go for it, its worth it and the install really isn't that bad, and its a great opportunity to learn about the basic innards or your bike.